Exit Savvy provides practical tools and services to Estate Planners, including small business owners and their planning partners.

Partners are those who have been identified as an Executor, an Enduring Power of Attorney, a Personal Directive Agent, and professional service representatives, including accountants, lawyers, and financial planners.

Three legal documents are part of an Exit Savvy client’s estate planning portfolio: a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney document, and a Personal Directive.

Within each of those documents, Estate Planners will name trusted individuals to carry out specific duties on their behalf. These roles include an Executor, a Power of Attorney, and a Personal Directive Agent.

The Exit Savvy tools and services support and guide the Estate Planner to provide specific and personalized instructions to the trusted individuals in each these roles.

Estate Planners will find Exit Savvy’s workbooks will ensure your estate is managed in a manner that reflects your wishes. Visit the products and services webpage to learn more about each of the tools and services we offer Estate Planners and their planning partners.

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