We believe planning and preparation for illness, aging and death brings us
closer to our loved ones and lightens the weight of caregiving and grief.

We support that belief by providing resources, tools, and services that prepare and assist people in the roles of Executor, Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive Agent:

  • Emotionally, because the decisions that have to be made will be easier to make.
  • Practically, because the time investment to carry out those activities, while still significant even in the simplest situations, will be considerably reduced.
  • Intellectually, because there are legal, financial, medical, and practical activities that need to be carried out and that require a variety of types of knowledge and skills that many people do not have.
  • Experientially, because the roles of Power of Attorney, Personal Directive Agent and Executor are challenging to the individuals undertaking them. They often span several years and as a result become a part of the individual’s day-to-day activities, much like a paid job. Exit Savvy resources support efficiency by increasing confidence, competence, and comfort.
  • Financially, because they help secure and manage property and finances efficiently and responsibly.
  • Socially, because they reduce friction for families and loved-ones through formal instruction documentation.

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