Okay, I really do need a Will; Now What?

Anne_siting-Red-DressWriting a will requires two things – some careful thought and the support of a lawyer to ensure you have satisfied the legal requirements in your province.   When you make the decision to write a Will you are taking the first step in building an important financial and personal plan.

The major components of the planning you have to do to be ready to write your Will include important decisions

  1. who you want to act as the Executor of your estate
  2. who you want to have act as guardians for any dependent children
  3. who you want to have as beneficiaries of your estate
  4. how you want your estate distributed


Exit Savvy’s Estate Planning workbook helps you think your way through all aspects of that plan.

When you are preparing for writing your Will you also need to think about preparing the two supporting documents that accompany your Will – your Personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney

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