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Mission: Simplifying estate management administration processes.

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Anne Howard

Stevie Colvin

Exit Savvy wAl & Audrey - lightas inspired by our experiences in supporting our own parents in the roles of Power of Attorney, Personal Directive Agent, and Executor.

We both discovered that there is so much to learn to be able to undertake these roles with confidence.

We also found that there are very few coordinated resources to support people in these roles.

As a result, we decided to fulfil that need in the market and bring the right tools, resources, and advice to Estate Planners and their planning partners.

One of the greatest pleasures and most meaningful experiences of our lives has been the growth of our relationship with our parents from children to friends and ultimately to advisors and caregivers.


Dad owned a manufacturing company in which I (and all of my siblings) worked as we were growing up. Over the years Dad and I moved from father/daughter/boss/employee to peers talking about the fun, the illusion of freedom and challenges of business ownership. In the final few years of Dad’s life we began talking about his concerns regarding Mom’s deteriorating mental health and his ensuring she would be well cared for. 

Those conversations resulted in new Wills, Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney documents and Dad sharing some information about their financial situation. What he shared was incredibly helpful to Stevie and me in our roles as Executors, Powers of Attorney and Personal Directive Agents for both Dad prior to and following his death, and for Mom. What he didn’t prepare and share resulted in a tremendous learning experience and has brought us here, to Exit Savvy. Dad had a unique sense of humor and I wonder at times if he had an inkling of this and thought it would be funny. 

I agree with Stevie about the Exit Savvy tools providing the ability to remove the administrative chores from the time to spend with the person you love in the latter stages of life. I would add that they are also the doorway to one of the richest experiences we as human beings can share: a deep sense of who we are and what matters most to us.

Since Stevie and I jointly undertook the roles of Personal Directive Agent, Enduring Power of Attorney, and Executor I chose to become a Certified Executor Advisor.


I’ve always loved being with my mom, and I feel privileged to support her with my sister Anne as her co-personal directive agent and co-power of attorney. I won’t lie to you, seeing a parent struggle with incapacity is heartbreaking. It’s so hard to see the person who nurtured you lose their capacity to care for themselves, to watch someone who was so passionate about life lose their ability to make it through the day without fear, confusion, and loss.

However, I love spending afternoons in the sun-lit unit where mom lives; painting, beading, walking, or singing with and to my mom. Despite her difficult circumstances and limited capacity to communicate, her joyful spirit shines through most of the time.

I see the pre-planning tools provided by Exit Savvy as a doorway to giving you (the Personal Directive Agent, and/or the Power of Attorney) the freedom to spend quality time with the person you love, rather than being focused on administrative chores. Taking care of the administrative work when you are both fully functioning adults leaves you free to seize what precious time remains when a parent or loved one ends up in care; completing this planning process helps you build a strong understanding of that individual’s needs before they are unable to communicate their needs to you.

I am an adult educator, a certified training and development specialist, and a certified coach. These skills underpin my ability to support planners and their personal support team in the estate planning activities and beyond.