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Managing Executor Responsibilities

Even simple Estates have a variety of activities that take varying amounts of time to complete.  Much of the work is detail-oriented and very often requires multiple activities and repeated follow-up to complete. Among the first things an Executor must do is to take control of the Estate. Doing that means knowing exactly what the […]

Executorship, Grief & Loss

The need for an Executor to assume the responsibilities of his or her role immediately after death places the Executor in a difficult position.  Executors have to obtain the will, take control of the estate and begin planning the funeral, and Executors who are family members or friends must fulfill their role while their own, […]

Executor – Doesn’t That Sound Tough…

The responsibility of the Executor of an estate sounds like something that is straightforward: Take control of the Estate and make a list of the property Obtain the original copies of the will Arrange the funeral or memorial Apply to the Court for letters of probate or administration Administer the Estate and pay outstanding debts […]

The Power of Attorney Role

A Power of Attorney is an individual assigned by a Testator (Estate Planner) who is required to take on and manage the financial and legal responsibilities of the Estate Planner if the Planner is not capable of doing so. It only takes a couple of minutes for the significance of that to hit home.   It […]

The Planner’s Role

Awhile back my husband and I decided we needed to clean the storage area in our basement. We like to think of ourselves as organized people.  After spending a good hour going through things and making little headway, my husband said, “I think we should just give up on this and leave it for the […]