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Does Talking About Death Freak You Out?

Last night I had an interesting conversation – initiated by my 5-year-old granddaughter. She started by telling me she loves me. Then added, she’d still love me even when I was dead. My daughter admonished her saying “sweetie, saying stuff like that freaks some people out”. My gut response was she just needs to know […]

Of Course You Can!

Making wishes come true is one of the greatest experiences one can have.  One day, when looking at a picture of a horse, our mother whispered, “I wish I could ride a horse one more time.” Mom was 88 years old and suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s related dementia.  It took an amazing amount of effort, […]

What’s Yours is Mine – the Role of Possessions

  Possessions do play a role in our wellbeing – taking the time to consider and then re-think which possessions will make a difference for the individual we are caring for is an important part of the role of a Personal Directive Agent. When Mom moved into the dementia unit she was always worrying about […]

Give it a Go

Our mom loved music. Her father was a fiddle player, and Mom grew up going to country dances. When Mom was in care, musicians would come to play one night a week at the facility where she lived. However, they performed in the main part of the building where Mom couldn’t go on her own. […]

Bring a Smile

Life is filled with simple pleasures – small things that bring you joy. Simple pleasures are unique activities or experiences that make life pleasant in a distinctive way. My dad and I used to discuss our shared joy in listening to good music. He loved Il Divo and listening to their CD’s brought him great […]

I Am What I Am

Perhaps you are like me and can remember the cartoon character Popeye and saying “I am what I am and that’s all that I am” in his gruff little voice. I often think of that character and his message these days – when I think about how I confused the role of Personal Directive Agent […]