Does Talking About Death Freak You Out?

Last night I had an interesting conversation – initiated by my 5-year-old granddaughter. She started by telling me she loves me. Then added, she’d still love me even when I was dead. My daughter admonished her saying “sweetie, saying stuff like that freaks some people out”. My gut response was she just needs to know that she’ll be okay when I die, and so we chatted about that.

I truly believe we shouldn’t shy away from conversations like this, in fact not only do children need to know that death is a normal part of our experience and that they will be okay when their loved ones die – everyone in our circle needs those reassurances. Your adult children, Executors, Powers of Attorney and Personal Directive Agents need those same assurances.

Exit Savvy’s Workbooks guide you through these types of conversations and provide the tools to assure those closest to you they can navigate these difficult experiences.

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