It’s Not That Big A Deal, Right!

Anne_siting-Red-DressA person without a Will and its  accompanying documents (Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive) which I’ll talk about another time sets their family/friends up for a pretty big hassle.   Your Will says who will get your stuff, who will be responsible for your children (if you have any) and who has the legal right and responsibility to finalize your affairs.

“Prince” is current recent big story about there being no Will.    Loads of money is involved and so there is a big mess around who should get what.  Without knowing any more, we all know the lawyers and the tax department will get a lot. At least some people Prince probably wanted to get something will get nothing and people who wouldn’t have been in the will probably will get something or maybe even everything.  That’s the world of the rich and famous one thinks. 

Well,  It is also the world of the rest of us. The only difference is the size of the estate.

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