Exit Savvy provides practical tools and services to Estate Planners and their planning partners. Estate Planners are individuals who are undertaking planning activities associated with their estate.

Partners include those who have been identified as an Executor, an Enduring Power of Attorney, a Personal Directive Agent, as well as professional service representatives such as Accountants, Lawyers, and Financial Planners. Those professional service representatives hold positions of trust with the planner and often have essential information to support the Power of Attorney, Personal Directive Agent, and Executor.

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Below is a list of additional services available to support you. Contact us to learn more.

Advisory Services

Exit Savvy’s founders, Anne and Stevie, are Professional Coaches and Certified Executor Advisors. As a Small Business Owner making estate plans associated with your business, you can access Anne and Stevie for advice when you endeavour to complete estate-planning activities.

Facilitated Conversations

In an ideal world, Estate Planners are able to host open and robust conversations about their estate plans with family and the members of their personal support team (Executors, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directive Agents). However, it can sometimes be challenging to have these conversations. There is no doubt the topic is difficult for many.

Exit Savvy is proud to offer facilitated conversation services, bringing expertise and compassion in leading difficult conversations between Estate Planners and the people who are important to them.

Referral Services

We do not provide legal, accounting, or financial planning advice. If you are seeking these services, we are happy to refer you to professionals who can support your needs.