Stevie_siting_bookThe Personal Estate Planning Workbook has been designed to support you in your Estate Planning, and specifically aligns with your Will. Your Will is a legal document that outlines for your Executor and Beneficiaries how you wish your property to be managed after you die.

When working with your lawyer to create your Will, you will likely identify some specific instructions; however, the Will itself does not cover all of the details your Executor needs to ensure your estate is managed properly.

This workbook will walk you through a series of exercises and questions to help you ensure your Executor is able to undertake appropriate management of your estate. Its partner tool, the “Executor’s Planning Workbook,” is designed to initiate a conversation between you and your Executor to enable you to develop a shared understanding of expectations.

This workbook supplements the contents of your legal records by providing your Executor and family members with in-depth detail about the location and state of your property.

Failure to provide detailed information about what you own may mean:

• Some of the value of your property is missed (e.g., unclaimed insurance policies or lost possessions), and/or

• Additional costs are incurred to settle your estate (e.g., your Executor may need to hire an accountant to undertake a forensic audit in order to locate your investments).

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