BillThe Business Owner Estate Planning Workbook has been designed to support your Power of Attorney and/or Executor in their responsibilities as they relate to the business (or businesses) you own.

A Power of Attorney/Executor holds a position of trust. This workbook has been designed to leverage the trust between you and your chosen Business Representative by providing information and encouraging conversations that will make it possible for your wishes to be met.

This workbook aligns with the other workbooks Exit Savvy provides. It can be used independently or in conjunction with the others. The Estate Planner’s Will is a legal document that guides all of your actions. This workbook, like all materials Exit Savvy provides, is intended to offer information that will make the responsibilities associated with the Power of Attorney and/or Executor roles easier to carry out and consistent with your wishes.

This workbook identifies steps and information that will help ensure appropriate management of your business (or businesses), should that be necessary. However, remember this workbook is not intended to provide legal or financial advice. We strongly encourage you to use the services of lawyers, accountants, and any other professionals needed in regard to obtaining advice. 

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