The Well Managed Life

Anne_siting-Red-DressI recently read Patricia Pearson’s Fade to Black in Zoomer Magazine (July/August 2016).  She talks about the importance of making death a part of life.   Denial, it seems, is the guidepost most of us use when it comes to attending to matters related to managing the ultimate outcome of our lives. 

Pearson says “everyone should assume they will die at any time and create what she calls a “self-care tool box.” Her self-care toolbox includes writing a Will, preparing Power of Attorney and Personal Directive documents including burial or cremation decisions.  We couldn’t agree more.  We also know that those things are the basic tools of a handyman. 

The Exit Savvy Workbooks are the tools of the craftsman. They make it possible to minimize the stress, confusion and conflict that is added to grief and loss experienced by families and friends when the wishes of loved ones are unknown.  The Workbooks create the possibility for conversations that deepen and strengthen relationships, reduce stress, confusion and conflict, and provide the foundation for a well-managed end of life. 

The Exit Savvy tool-box provides the opportunity for removing the stigma and uncomfortable silence about terminal illness and death.  We are contributing to what Pearson referred to as rebranding death – making it a normal and expected part of life.       

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